Here you will find blog posts that give you an insight into Aesthetics, Cosmetics and Dental, The London Clinic way.

We will share with you skin care essentials dependent on the season that we are in, the best products for your skin dependent on your skin type, skin care tips for flawless makeup, and others tricks to have the best skin that you possibly can.

You will be able to find all things aesthetic from the benefits of Tear Trough Dermal Fillers to the Perfect Lip type for your face shape.

Dental topics will explore: Habits that can damage your teeth, what sugar does to our teeth, How to dine out the tooth – friendly way, Oral hygiene, How to take care of your teeth when you are ill, The benefits of electric tooth brushers and many other ways to protect your teeth.

First blog coming soon ….. stay tuned. Dr Amy Bailey-Thompson.